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Blues Internal's Billing Account

You can edit billing account information on the billing page.


What is a ProductUID?

ProductUID is a string that uniquely identifies your product and the type of data that it sends to the cloud. These strings must begin with a letter and are restricted to lowercase a-z 0-9 and _. Product UIDs should identify the organization, department, and product type in a hierarchical format. For example, the second version of the "drill_press" product of the "tools" division of "" might be represented as "".

Reserving a ProductUID prefix ensures that others won't use your IDs for their own products. If you'd like to exclusively reserve a ProductUID prefix to use with multiple ProductUIDs click here.

UID Name Fleet Status
org.airnote.* - - Granted
Airnote with Geiger Tube New Granted
Airnote with Particle Counter New Granted
Airnote with Unspecified Sensors New Granted
Airnote Prototypes New Granted

Triangulation events

If the notecard is configured to collect triangulation data, it will attempt to collect data necessary to perform geolocation if it detects that it has moved since the last attempt at triangulation. The notecard will collect this data no more often than the rate set. For more information about triangulation, click here.





Device Dashboard URL[device]?product=[product]&pin=[pin]


The following options are project-wide preferences that affect the table headers displayed by default on the devices and events pages.