Last seen Serial Number Current Version DFU Version DFU Status Requested Version
Airnote-007-interpret Green Idle
ray-outdoors Error
deep-her-like Idle
Studio City Idle
Victory Park 1 Idle
Barcelona-airnote Idle
Bert-note Idle
pn-airnote Idle
Ridemos Sensor Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #3 5000mAh solar Idle
UMA023 Idle
drink-mentor-hill Idle
Petaluma-WorkP Idle
Splat-Airnote Idle
Airnote-009-Interpret Green Idle
TUZVO_Airnote_02 Idle
Zuoz - Project miaEngiadina Idle
Reedazawa Idle
arabella Idle
WIld Tame Idle
32Dartmouth Idle
Iidabashi Tokyo JT Idle
Airnote 020 - Cindy Bass Idle
ArteMorfosis Idle
Inverurie Airnote Idle
UMA033 Idle
Mitsue Mura Nara Japan -2 Completed
note-note-note Idle
zone-screen-global Idle
UMA025 Idle
booth-center-steam Idle
UMA041 Idle
Federal Way WA Airnote Idle
Airnote-010-Interpret Green Idle
Village Walk Naples Idle
UMA027 Idle
Jane St Idle
AlbsSF1 Idle
Shrub Oak NY Idle
UMSA003 Idle
IWUOMA community - Oyigbo Idle
DC-FNL-AirNote Idle
Solar Test 5 - IXYS Idle
ArakoAir Idle
Solar Test 4 - Voltaic Systems Idle
Atwater Airdingle Idle
Solar Test 1 - IXYS Idle
tj-airnote Idle
UMA024 Idle
AQM-Note-003 Idle
AlberTO Idle
KIKI's Home, Benin: CAOA-5019 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Idle
Airnote-26.4.2021 Idle
UMSA001 Idle
Zurich-8003-Idaplatz Idle
UMA018 Idle
bronxbrickcastle Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #1 - 1800mAh Idle
Enoshima Area Monitor Idle
Safecast-aqm-brough2 Idle
tuck-grip-meter Completed
JimHassmanEagleID1 Idle
Kendall Completed
Luchette6142 Idle
exam-drum-limit Idle
Cyrus Dublin Idle
is-the-world-on-fire Idle
Bristol Idle
Lexair Idle
shy-make-will Completed
Snoopy Idle
Airnote #1011 Completed
Airnote #1008 Completed
Musasabi Idle
Violet Court Idle
Victory Park 2 Idle
cry-wide-single Idle
UMSA002 Idle
Isk-air Idle
UMA036 Idle
Casa De Chuy Idle
Boulder, CO Jay Road Idle
craft-double-bias Idle
UMA021 Idle
silk-tank-melt Idle
AE-DL-2 Idle
poll-arrow-amid Idle
Airnote #1009 Completed
barrish-family-airnote Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #2 5000mAh Idle
Rocket Newburyport Idle
endor-air-001 Idle
DL-Lab-Airnote 1 Idle
my-airnote-berchtold44 Idle
UMA020 Idle
pass-vital-town Idle
kiss-length-east Idle
AQM-Note-002 Idle
La Pinada Lab Air Quality ext Idle
JP Beverly MA Idle
Mosaic Idle
Solar test - stock (wifi) Completed
Dan’s Sonoma County Airnote Idle
Jobrien-offixe Idle
Buguma-Asari Toru LGA Idle
slow-silk-settle Completed
Nikhil-Eva Idle
IoT Lab Idle
UMA016 Idle
dog-silly-should Completed
Exeter NH Idle
ray-dracula Idle
TG-Lab-Airnote 1 Idle
Igwuruta Ali Community Idle
Bonny Doon Idle
Nemo_1 Idle
Airnote of Chris@Wiesendangen Switzerland Idle
Oakland Idle
AQM-Note-005 Idle
864475044215340 Idle
Ihugbogo-Ahoada East Idle
UMA028 Idle
Kits-Air Idle
click-game-thick Completed
AirNote-LJ Idle
UMA039 Idle
Tester1 Idle
Vennes Idle
added-asset-motive Idle
Tudor City Idle
Airnote #1021 Completed
AQM Note 001 Idle
Pierce-family-aircatcher Idle
daily-stand-odds Idle
Ogurama Degema LGA Idle
UMA019 Idle
Tripathyindoor Idle
UMA042 Idle
cite-tall-pack Idle
Elenlenwo Community - Obio Akpo Idle
UMA026 Idle
asset-bold-purse Idle
stop-hey-lucky Completed
Greenwood, Seattle AQInote Completed
Airnote #1014 Completed
willard-airnote Idle
stefan-airnote-2 Idle
UMA038 Idle
My-Airnote-NewCareTec Idle
Casa McNulty Idle
drown-often-fluid Idle
Airnote #1017 Completed
UAC, Benin: CAOA-1298 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Idle
UMA015 Idle
westervelt_AN_0001 Idle
type-doubt-player Idle
Solar Test 2 - Voltaic Systems Idle
UMA044 Idle
UMA043 Idle
UMA047 Idle
UMA046 Idle
UMA048 Idle
UMA045 Idle
Ogale Nchia Community Idle
Naz Home Idle
being-resign-bite Idle
weed-remote-take Idle
wrap-hint-donate Idle
UMA032 Idle
LB Home Idle
UMA017 Idle
DennisDayton Airnote Idle
rain-effect-could Idle
demo Idle
MAQS-test Idle
lasalle Idle
silk-plain-campus Idle
Airnote #1018 Completed
Smith Home Idle
62 Calypso Idle
River District Air Quality Idle
UMA031 Idle
UMA037 Idle
UMA040 Idle
UMA035 Idle
UMA029 Idle
UMA022 Idle
why-love-tonic Idle
work-cloud-tent Idle
brand-suit-singer Idle
blast-rarely-every Idle
box-seem-farm Error
PEREBO POLO - Phalga Idle
AE-DL Idle
AQM-Note-004 Idle
drain-lemon-clue Idle
4-24-11_unit01 Idle
farm-bride-domain Idle
cash-path-order Idle
Greg-John-charge-test Idle
rizz-carltom Idle
hip-set-record Idle
Stewart-Place-II Idle
pad-build-enact Idle
CHR-Up the Stump Idle
Villa-Ardilla Idle
Hurstmoos Idle
Airnote01 Idle Completed
FreeAirNoteSouth Idle
knee-voice-crime Idle
yell-lab-risky Idle
Ono Station Idle
MentoneVic_BeachRd Idle
Austin Airnote Two Idle
Devin-airnote-hopkinton Completed
see-sock-live Idle
clay-cake-blond Idle
TUZVO_Airnote_01 Idle
UMA013 Idle
UMA030 Idle
UMA034 Idle
bury-wound-script Idle
use-edit-when Idle
hamiltonVA-airnote Idle
can-each-pick Idle
AQM-IG-010 Idle
need-leaf-pitch Idle
blink-stand-upset Idle
cool-dig-touch Idle
soup-timber-clay Idle
data-into-value Idle
awake-could-bury Idle
nail-aisle-shop Idle
huh-order-dig Idle Idle
must-beach-wooden Idle
enjoy-verbal-deem Idle Idle
gold-result-honey Idle
yell-power-pen Idle
cease-key-press Idle
toss-bill-pat Idle
desk-ridge-clinic Idle
crush-six-get Idle
charm-plus-take Idle
cell-crown-oxygen Idle
stop-deem-goal Idle
why-bike-tank Idle
norm-hay-town Idle
tap-since-count Idle
kind-saving-quiet Idle
one-bias-focus Idle
huh-her-partly Idle
crater-equip-just Idle
way-last-clinic Idle
high-vessel-major Idle
huh-rip-wrong Idle
brake-metal-cue Idle
pet-night-term Idle
soak-stream-east Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
low-weapon-camp Idle
sir-salary-spin Idle Idle
bush-spirit-waist Idle Idle Idle Idle
shut-song-pair Idle
boom-report-pill Idle
crash-bond-animal Idle
cave-slam-straw Idle
chaos-shrug-ice Idle
cost-hers-relax Idle
Test1 Idle Idle Idle Idle
flee-rock-creek Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
pole-speak-issue Idle
dose-burst-above Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
ski-solid-firm Idle
math-jet-widely Idle
alike-will-mouth Idle
chaos-peak-tune Idle
them-artist-mass Idle
deep-panel-expert Idle
bank-manual-chin Idle
spot-task-click Idle
favor-genre-level Idle
wolf-plain-cast Idle
cat-kayak-merely Idle
drunk-pot-strict Idle
cook-rocket-casino Idle
hit-song-earn Idle
crowd-creek-poetry Idle
diet-garden-run Idle
pose-circle-quick Idle
type-cookie-risky Idle
coat-sort-square Idle
year-thanks-flat Idle
Madero-Airnote Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
chart-state-boss Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
cave-player-accent Idle
use-studio-lawyer Idle Idle
award-many-talent Idle Idle
over-cite-loyal Idle Idle
delay-kind-burn Idle Idle
wash-shy-brave Idle
brand-clip-fishy Idle Idle
cute-mainly-bind Idle Idle
nut-realm-wolf Idle
send-arrive-port Idle
meat-winner-barrel Idle
drunk-hike-drink Idle
blind-sort-abroad Idle
term-crave-them Idle
toll-father-repair Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
evil-band-breeze Idle
club-forty-pilot Idle Idle
gain-middle-chin Idle
body-nine-able Idle Idle
hill-creek-flow Idle
brand-pad-drum Idle
deal-flow-one Idle
yeah-date-jacket Idle Idle Idle
crater-versus-icon Idle
pond-strict-crater Idle Idle Idle Idle
form-ours-eye Idle
Petaluma Idle
AlberTO Idle
wolf-credit-random Idle
Sonomasoft-2 Idle
Palisades- Airnote Idle
old-walk-social Idle
mood-expand-merely Idle
Brough-AQM Idle
Airnote #1015 Completed
OJB Landscape Architecture Idle
chef-love-simple Idle
Sonomasoft Airnote Completed
norm-these-risky Idle
Eau Claire Airnote Idle
flip-will-then Idle
dracut-ma-01 Completed
AQM-Interpretgreen-025 Idle
belly-borrow-flag Idle
matschaffer-indoor Idle
Radnote #0001 Idle Idle
Raghu Idle
dunbar Idle
Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Idle
race-bow-egg Idle
talk-debris-lung Idle
Airnote #1007 Idle
SJL airnote Idle Idle
all-cool-cloth Completed
menu-others-cut Idle
GooseNote Idle
Eyes JAPAN@Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Idle
neat-style-summit Idle
bring-poll-escape Idle
arena-drill-thing Idle
Airnote #1016 Completed
how-arm-secret Idle
beat-toward-remove Idle
Airnote Hikone Completed
Airnote #1022 Completed
Batran’s device Idle
StinerTopanga Idle
adapt-branch-pride Idle
drill-better-forth Idle
Bronxbrickcastle Idle
kick-teach-tune Idle
Mat-northbay-ca Idle
cord-text-enable Idle
Shibuya Downloading (0%)
lot-sleeve-campus Idle
Raghu Austin Air Idle
Diamond Cove Idle
nikhil-chs Idle
bad-etc-risky Idle
check-artist-huge Idle
eitoball-airnote Idle
Blackrock Idle
fence-bay-repair Idle
adopt-ahead-ruling Idle
Airnote #0011-NBNA Completed
Airnote #1012 Completed
Wolff data usage Idle
Airnote #1023 Completed
jury-tall-low Idle
gang-expect-freely Idle
Lorax Idle
beef-makeup-bid Completed
coin-joke-wind Idle
cling-beer-emerge Idle
Yokohama-Nishiya-001 Idle
db’s Airnote Idle
Ronda Vista 27 Idle
wolff-watertown Idle
wf airnote Idle
bid-ready-mutual Idle
Airnote-LA Idle Idle
poet-scheme-factor Completed
Austin Airnote Completed
form-acid-pizza Completed
have-cheat-cope Completed
Airnote #1020 Completed notecard-$20201123025100.bin
bed-frown-plot Idle
cake-boom-answer Idle
Fox Pond Idle
SalemAir Idle
airnote-hdinga Idle
boast-boast-self Idle
rat-spit-ballot Idle
drunk-apart-poetry Idle
know-closet-final Idle
hero-dough-steep Idle
mix-panic-drink Idle
dozen-van-thrive Idle
pass-invent-seller Completed
rise-sit-finish Idle
kid-strict-foster Idle
tiny-people-priest Idle
lead-genre-figure Idle
lung-phase-garlic Idle
Airnote #1025 Completed
crush-cope-retire Idle
loan-being-defeat Idle
Airnote #1001-WBNA Error
Airnote #1019 Completed
Airnote #2001 Idle
Airnote #1013 Completed
Airnote #1005 Completed
Airnote #1024 Completed