Last seen Serial Number Current Version DFU Version DFU Status Requested Version
TUZVO_Airnote_02 Idle
Bonny Doon Idle
Petaluma-WorkP Idle
UMA024 Idle
Casa McNulty Idle
Airnote 020 - Cindy Bass Idle
zone-screen-global Idle
Mitsue Mura Nara Japan -2 Completed
booth-center-steam Idle
craft-double-bias Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #1 - 1800mAh Idle
UMA021 Idle
Ihugbogo-Ahoada East Idle
Igwuruta Ali Community Idle
ArteMorfosis Idle
UMA027 Idle
Musasabi Idle
UMSA003 Idle
DC-FNL-AirNote Idle
Solar Test 5 - IXYS Idle
tj-airnote Idle
Solar Test 4 - Voltaic Systems Idle
Studio City Idle
Solar Test 1 - IXYS Idle
Solar Test 2 - Voltaic Systems Idle
UMA028 Idle
AlberTO Idle
UAC, Benin: CAOA-1298 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Idle
shy-make-will Error
deep-her-like Idle
Airnote-009-Interpret Green Idle
UMSA001 Idle
Reedazawa Idle
Boulder, CO Jay Road Idle
AlbsSF1 Idle
is-the-world-on-fire Idle
Safecast-aqm-brough2 Idle
tuck-grip-meter Completed
JimHassmanEagleID1 Idle
drink-mentor-hill Idle
Enoshima Area Monitor Idle
poll-arrow-amid Idle
Cyrus Dublin Idle
Bristol Idle
Snoopy Idle
Shrub Oak NY Idle
cry-wide-single Idle
Airnote-007-interpret Green Idle
Violet Court Idle
my-airnote-berchtold44 Idle
Victory Park 2 Idle
Solar Test 3 - IXYS (Wi-Fi) Idle
UMSA002 Idle
Mosaic Idle
Zurich-8003-Idaplatz Idle
Victory Park 1 Idle
Airnote-26.4.2021 Idle
32Dartmouth Idle
AQM-Note-002 Idle
Barcelona-airnote Idle
Ogale Nchia Community Idle
pn-airnote Idle
UMA016 Idle
Airnote-010-Interpret Green Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #3 5000mAh solar Idle
UMA023 Idle
Bert-note Idle
Tripathyindoor Idle
Casa De Chuy Idle
La Pinada Lab Air Quality ext Idle
UMA033 Idle
AQM-Note-003 Idle
My-Airnote-NewCareTec Idle
Airnote #1008 Completed
bronxbrickcastle Idle
Village Walk Naples Idle
UMA039 Idle
Zuoz - Project miaEngiadina Idle
Jane St Idle
Federal Way WA Airnote Idle
Airnote #1017 Completed
UMA018 Idle
Oakland Idle
KIKI's Home, Benin: CAOA-5019 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Idle
Kits-Air Idle
Airnote #1021 Completed
Lexair Idle
IWUOMA community - Oyigbo Idle
barrish-family-airnote Idle
ray-outdoors Error
Inverurie Airnote Idle
Naz Home Idle
Airnote #1009 Completed
Airnote #1011 Completed
Iidabashi Tokyo JT Idle
arabella Idle
Exeter NH Idle
JP Beverly MA Idle
UMA036 Idle
Splat-Airnote Idle
silk-tank-melt Idle
Rocket Newburyport Idle
UMA048 Idle
AirNote-LJ Idle
AE-DL-2 Idle
CHR-Up the Stump #2 5000mAh Idle
endor-air-001 Idle
click-game-thick Completed
UMA046 Idle
Tudor City Idle
Atwater Airdingle Idle
UMA047 Idle
UMA045 Idle
Jobrien-offixe Idle
UMA025 Idle
Greenwood, Seattle AQInote Completed
Buguma-Asari Toru LGA Idle
pass-vital-town Idle
Nikhil-Eva Idle
ArakoAir Idle
UMA044 Idle
UMA043 Idle
UMA032 Idle
Vennes Idle
UMA026 Idle
dog-silly-should Completed
UMA020 Idle
Kendall Completed
Airnote #1014 Completed
Airnote of Chris@Wiesendangen Switzerland Idle
AQM-Note-005 Idle
Pierce-family-aircatcher Idle
westervelt_AN_0001 Idle
864475044215340 Idle
IoT Lab Idle
UMA019 Idle
Ogurama Degema LGA Idle
AQM Note 001 Idle
Isk-air Idle
slow-silk-settle Completed
Nemo_1 Idle
drown-often-fluid Idle
UMA015 Idle
daily-stand-odds Idle
asset-bold-purse Idle
cite-tall-pack Idle
kiss-length-east Idle
being-resign-bite Idle
UMA041 Idle
LB Home Idle
UMA017 Idle
UMA038 Idle
DennisDayton Airnote Idle
rain-effect-could Idle
demo Idle
MAQS-test Idle
lasalle Idle
silk-plain-campus Idle
Airnote #1018 Completed
Smith Home Idle
stop-hey-lucky Completed
Dan’s Sonoma County Airnote Idle
62 Calypso Idle
River District Air Quality Idle
Tester1 Idle
UMA031 Idle
UMA037 Idle
UMA040 Idle
UMA035 Idle
UMA029 Idle
UMA042 Idle
Elenlenwo Community - Obio Akpo Idle
willard-airnote Idle
UMA022 Idle
why-love-tonic Idle
work-cloud-tent Idle
brand-suit-singer Idle
blast-rarely-every Idle
box-seem-farm Error
PEREBO POLO - Phalga Idle
AE-DL Idle
AQM-Note-004 Idle
drain-lemon-clue Idle
4-24-11_unit01 Idle
farm-bride-domain Idle
cash-path-order Idle
Ridemos Sensor Idle
Greg-John-charge-test Idle
rizz-carltom Idle
hip-set-record Idle
Stewart-Place-II Idle
pad-build-enact Idle
CHR-Up the Stump Idle
Villa-Ardilla Idle
Hurstmoos Idle
Airnote01 Idle Completed
FreeAirNoteSouth Idle
knee-voice-crime Idle
yell-lab-risky Idle
ray-dracula Idle
type-doubt-player Idle
Ono Station Idle
MentoneVic_BeachRd Idle
Austin Airnote Two Idle
Devin-airnote-hopkinton Completed
see-sock-live Idle
clay-cake-blond Idle
TUZVO_Airnote_01 Idle
UMA013 Idle
UMA030 Idle
UMA034 Idle
bury-wound-script Idle
use-edit-when Idle
hamiltonVA-airnote Idle
can-each-pick Idle
AQM-IG-010 Idle
need-leaf-pitch Idle
blink-stand-upset Idle
cool-dig-touch Idle
soup-timber-clay Idle
exam-drum-limit Idle
data-into-value Idle
awake-could-bury Idle
nail-aisle-shop Idle
added-asset-motive Idle
huh-order-dig Idle Idle
must-beach-wooden Idle
enjoy-verbal-deem Idle Idle
gold-result-honey Idle
yell-power-pen Idle
cease-key-press Idle
wrap-hint-donate Idle
toss-bill-pat Idle
desk-ridge-clinic Idle
crush-six-get Idle
charm-plus-take Idle
cell-crown-oxygen Idle
stop-deem-goal Idle
why-bike-tank Idle
norm-hay-town Idle
tap-since-count Idle
kind-saving-quiet Idle
one-bias-focus Idle
huh-her-partly Idle
crater-equip-just Idle
weed-remote-take Idle
way-last-clinic Idle
high-vessel-major Idle
huh-rip-wrong Idle
brake-metal-cue Idle
pet-night-term Idle
soak-stream-east Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
low-weapon-camp Idle
sir-salary-spin Idle Idle
bush-spirit-waist Idle Idle Idle Idle
shut-song-pair Idle
coat-drift-twelve Idle
boom-report-pill Idle
crash-bond-animal Idle
cave-slam-straw Idle
bar-poke-still Idle
chaos-shrug-ice Idle
cost-hers-relax Idle
Test1 Idle Idle Idle Idle
flee-rock-creek Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
pole-speak-issue Idle
dose-burst-above Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
ski-solid-firm Idle
math-jet-widely Idle
alike-will-mouth Idle
chaos-peak-tune Idle
them-artist-mass Idle
deep-panel-expert Idle
bank-manual-chin Idle
spot-task-click Idle
favor-genre-level Idle
wolf-plain-cast Idle
cat-kayak-merely Idle
drunk-pot-strict Idle
cook-rocket-casino Idle
hit-song-earn Idle
crowd-creek-poetry Idle
diet-garden-run Idle
pose-circle-quick Idle
type-cookie-risky Idle
coat-sort-square Idle
year-thanks-flat Idle
Madero-Airnote Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
chart-state-boss Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
cave-player-accent Idle
use-studio-lawyer Idle Idle
award-many-talent Idle Idle
over-cite-loyal Idle Idle
delay-kind-burn Idle Idle
wash-shy-brave Idle
brand-clip-fishy Idle Idle
cute-mainly-bind Idle Idle
nut-realm-wolf Idle
send-arrive-port Idle
meat-winner-barrel Idle
drunk-hike-drink Idle
blind-sort-abroad Idle
term-crave-them Idle
toll-father-repair Idle Idle Idle Idle Idle
evil-band-breeze Idle
club-forty-pilot Idle Idle
gain-middle-chin Idle
body-nine-able Idle Idle
hill-creek-flow Idle
brand-pad-drum Idle
deal-flow-one Idle
yeah-date-jacket Idle Idle Idle
crater-versus-icon Idle
pond-strict-crater Idle Idle Idle Idle
form-ours-eye Idle
Petaluma Idle
AlberTO Idle
wolf-credit-random Idle
Sonomasoft-2 Idle
Palisades- Airnote Idle
old-walk-social Idle
mood-expand-merely Idle
WIld Tame Idle
Brough-AQM Idle
Airnote #1015 Completed
OJB Landscape Architecture Idle
chef-love-simple Idle
Sonomasoft Airnote Completed
norm-these-risky Idle
Eau Claire Airnote Idle
flip-will-then Idle
dracut-ma-01 Completed
AQM-Interpretgreen-025 Idle
belly-borrow-flag Idle
matschaffer-indoor Idle
Radnote #0001 Idle Idle
Raghu Idle
dunbar Idle
Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Idle
race-bow-egg Idle
talk-debris-lung Idle
Airnote #1007 Idle
SJL airnote Idle Idle
all-cool-cloth Completed
menu-others-cut Idle
GooseNote Idle
Eyes JAPAN@Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Idle
neat-style-summit Idle
bring-poll-escape Idle
arena-drill-thing Idle
Airnote #1016 Completed
how-arm-secret Idle
beat-toward-remove Idle
Airnote Hikone Completed
Airnote #1022 Completed
Batran’s device Idle
StinerTopanga Idle
adapt-branch-pride Idle
drill-better-forth Idle
Bronxbrickcastle Idle
kick-teach-tune Idle
Mat-northbay-ca Idle
cord-text-enable Idle
Shibuya Downloading (0%)
lot-sleeve-campus Idle
Raghu Austin Air Idle
Diamond Cove Idle
nikhil-chs Idle
bad-etc-risky Idle
check-artist-huge Idle
eitoball-airnote Idle
Blackrock Idle
fence-bay-repair Idle
adopt-ahead-ruling Idle
Airnote #0011-NBNA Completed
Airnote #1012 Completed
Wolff data usage Idle
Airnote #1023 Completed
jury-tall-low Idle
gang-expect-freely Idle
Lorax Idle
beef-makeup-bid Completed
coin-joke-wind Idle
cling-beer-emerge Idle
Yokohama-Nishiya-001 Idle
db’s Airnote Idle
Ronda Vista 27 Idle
wolff-watertown Idle
wf airnote Idle
bid-ready-mutual Idle
Airnote-LA Idle
stefan-airnote-2 Idle Idle
poet-scheme-factor Completed
Austin Airnote Completed
form-acid-pizza Completed
have-cheat-cope Completed
Airnote #1020 Completed notecard-$20201123025100.bin
bed-frown-plot Idle
cake-boom-answer Idle
Fox Pond Idle
SalemAir Idle
note-note-note Idle
airnote-hdinga Idle
boast-boast-self Idle
rat-spit-ballot Idle
drunk-apart-poetry Idle
know-closet-final Idle
hero-dough-steep Idle
mix-panic-drink Idle
dozen-van-thrive Idle
pass-invent-seller Completed
rise-sit-finish Idle
kid-strict-foster Idle
tiny-people-priest Idle
lead-genre-figure Idle
lung-phase-garlic Idle
Airnote #1025 Completed
crush-cope-retire Idle
loan-being-defeat Idle
Airnote #1001-WBNA Error
Airnote #1019 Completed
Airnote #2001 Idle
Airnote #1013 Completed
Airnote #1005 Completed
Airnote #1024 Completed