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Status Last seen Serial Number Device Location Tags Fleet
desk-ridge-clinic Operational
Igwuruta Ali Community Operational
UMA018 Operational
UMA039 Operational
tuck-grip-meter 2000mAh,pilot,Safecast Operational
CHR-Up the Stump #2 5000mAh 5000mAh-LiPo,Charles-Reid,Voltaic-solar-panel Operational
Studio City pilot2 Operational
CHR-Up the Stump #1 - 1800mAh Charles-Reid Operational
JimHassmanEagleID1 Operational
endor-air-001 Operational
is-the-world-on-fire Operational
drunk-hike-drink Operational
Airnote-Cary-NC New
Boulder, CO Jay Road Operational
CC-JSH pilot2 Operational
Bristol Operational
let-exist-radar New
TUZVO_Airnote_02 Operational
Violet Court pilot2 Operational
evil-band-breeze Operational
UMSA002 Operational
Oakland Operational
Airnote-010-Interpret Green Operational
ray-outdoors ray-airnote-outdoors Operational
craft-double-bias Operational
UMA023 Operational
Airnote-009-Interpret Green Operational
UAC, Benin: CAOA-1298 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Operational
Enoshima Area Monitor Operational
AQM-Note-002 Operational
zone-screen-global Operational
UMA016 Operational
Isk-air Operational
booth-center-steam Operational
deep-her-like Operational
UMA021 Operational
AlbsSF1 Operational
Shrub Oak NY Operational
UMSA003 Operational
Airnote #1017 jory-1017 xMF Pelican
stop-hey-lucky rob oudendijk Operational
Naples AirNote Operational
Pierce-family-aircatcher Operational
AlberTO Operational
KM6SLF Operational
UMA024 Operational
UMA043 Operational
KIKI's Home, Benin: CAOA-5019 [West Africa AQ - Columbia Uni LDEO] Operational
shy-make-will boxed,pilot Operational

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